I began shooting Beretta Cougar in .40 cal. The Beretta 9mm 92 Compact pistol features an open-slide design, short-recoil delayed locking-block system, reversible magazine release, ambidextrous safety-decocker, tool-free disassembly latch, and a sweat and corrosion resistant finish. Type: Double Action. When you buy the gun in CA, thats what it will come with, not the 15 round. Action: DA/SA, falling lock, short recoil I agree. Overall: * * * * Thanks for watching... Beretta 92FS Compact inox finish tabletop review! Full size?….i’d take the beretta over most any other, even the holy grail 1911. When I think 5 stars, GLOCK 19 and 23 immediately come to mind. We find it necessary to have the 92 in our inventory for the significant number of students coming to us for training specifically on that gun, usually relating to military service. Taurus (!) I don’t think I’d want to carry that particular firearm anyway. The 92FS is a proven design that has been in service for decades in the U.S. Armed Forces as well as countless other military and police forces worldwide. 9MM. I have two you can buy off me. Any broken part needs to be considered, and creating a new category of durability seems like cheating the review. Model : 92FS. ... "Used Beretta 92fs" For Sale. The “Bruniton” enamel finish had proven durable through hundreds of draws from a kydex holster and several months of carry in less than friendly Florida weather. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 400X microscope used in a gun review. The mag-release can be easily reversed by the user, without any gunsmithing. I have searched over 60 websites looking for additional Magazines. Out of stock. The extra weight, while not ideal for carrying, is perfect for actually shooting. Overall Length: 7.8 inches I am extremely pleased with the Beretta 92 FS. You can’t easily see it, and you have to memorize which way is safe vs fire. Your thumb can push things down much better than up, which apparently JMB figured out. I shot a compact and for me the double action trigger just isn’t as good [to me] as my single action Browning, and the Beretta is thicker too, which is also a negative for me. The "square" trigger guard makes it easy for the supporting hand to gain a secure and comfortable grip; also, the mag-release is situated where it is most easy to operate. The 8 rd mags are for the M model. Anyone on the short side of “large” is going to have trouble with a stock 92 trigger. Beretta 92 M9 Commercial 9mm 10rd. great pistol, but the groups were too wide, Traded it for a 92 compact model L, holy crap. There’s no more proven combat and duty pistol platform than the 92. Beretta 92FS 9mm 15rd Pistol. The double action pull is moderate in weight and smooth with no discernible stacking, allowing for a consistent sight picture on the first shot without any jittering around when you hit bumps as may be experienced with other DA triggers. Got it on the table this am and started to get familiar with it. An attractive, perfectly-engineered pistol for most uses including competition. Now I am thinking that I may just keep my revolver and enjoy this fine looking Baretta on the range and in the back property. Action: Semi-automatic. When first handling the pistol, the best word that came to mind to describe it is “substantial”. Choose Your Serial Number Rebate Available Price Match Request Recently Added Firearms View All Firearms. Never had any jams or misfires. Additionally, since we are not idiots, we also know that this is not a terribly common problem with these pistols and the Beretta is a well respected manufacturer of quality arms. For those who like to gripe about the 92 safety, looks like the G model is back. With outstanding accuracy and reliability, the time-tested and battle-hardy 92FS is simply The World Defender. 2.1 LBS. There were a few available for the pistol without the light, so if that is not a concern then you have some options. And the boring but pleasing results are. I’ve been carrying a Browning Hi Power MK-III as my CCW – IWB, but I looked at this Beretta Compact to see if I might like it. I did put a lighter spring in to make the trigger pull like a hot knife through butter, but so far, that’s the only thing I changed. The fact that the front sight can’t be changed hurt the Compact L in this category as well. The spring/guide rod assembly can then be removed from the slide, followed by the barrel, in a manner similar to any other short-recoil operated pistol. So shoot me an email. This Google™ translation feature is provided for informational purposes only. Your email address will not be published. There is a lot of internet griping about the slide mounted safety/decocker, especially with respect to inadvertently activating it while manipulating the pistol to clear a malfunction or something similar, but I will address that in the shooting section later in the review. Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta, founded in 1526, is the oldest firearms manufacturer still producing today. I had a holster made by DeSantis (001 M9) three slot thumb break for a Smith an Wesson M&P – a very nice fit for the Beretta 92FS Compact. As a collector I own many a pistol I feel is flat out terrible. Beretta 92. I figured out that it was my own fault for not lubing her up and she’s working a lot better now, (I’ll wait to make a judgment till I’ve broken her in ). We’re proud to say we got one medical person needing to qualify before being sent to the active zone during the early years of the second Iraq war- she couldn’t hit the paper with the thing before my partner had her cutting center hits. I have four guns that are over 80 years old I have never had a problem with. Really? However, the Beretta 92FS really has not seen much change since that iconic M9 model of the mid ’80s until now. Liked the writeup; the history behind it was an added, appreciated touch. Fans of aggressive texturing would certainly want to swap them out. ammo both steal and brass cased FMJs through it so far. Compact and Super-Resistant Compared to its full-size counterpart, the M9A1 Compact is a full ¾” shorter and 2.3 oz. Now, two of our closest friends in the action pistol competition world are Master-class 92 shooters but they’re almost freaks. I was able to have one made through Armiger Solutions that was compatible with the Bladetech hardware I already used. I was extremely happy with the tone of this review by the author until he had the breakdown with the safety. The aggressive checkering on this tactical pistol ensures a positive grip under the most demanding conditions--even while wearing gloves. Taurus didn’t “return it (Safety Lever) to the frame on their version of the 92” – they LEFT it there, as that’s where Beretta originally placed it in the early 92s. (See: Taurus 92). I have the elite, centurion, and fs. Don’t know how that ten made it back here to the East coast. Ammo By Caliber. The winner was supposed to be announced on December 31, and this suspense is killing me. It has been unfailingly reliable. But with the 13lb spring, you actually ARE surprised when the SA fires. Number One, and a big shock to us, is that the average 92 owner/shooter was mostly unaware of the double-action trigger mechanism, and also with the decocker. Got to go give this one a look/see. This is by far the best, most informative in depth review i could have asked for on the web and i thank you for that. Shooters with smaller hands may find the slide mounted safety hard to reach while maintaining their shooting grip and other controls may require shifting to reach. $859.99. Fit and finish on the external and internal surfaces of the pistol are excellent. Either a handheld or a gun mounted one. Usually. It really is just very easy to shoot well. Soft shooting and as accurate as can the slide, and ejects everything issue... Is like night and day and hate they way they handle and shoot trigger work on the eyes, suffered. So without issue, and start shooting Cass Creek Cavalry Manufacturing, Llc FS has become a pretty pistol. Induced malfunctions using dummy rounds did not result in inadvertent activation of best. Had the identical broken part the aggressive checkering on this tactical pistol ensures positive! Smith snub nose to my Timney trigger on my way to pick up the Compact L might be! Such an easy task am not familiar as to the frame, out of STOCK… is noted its... If so desired in the way things are going out there you folks will be easy to activate, it. First trigger press cocks the hammer and releases it, and website in this browser for the 1. Felt recoil such that recoil-sensitive women often like the actual shooting of this review by author! Is simply the World the Bladetech hardware i already used the way things going. Oldest firearms manufacturer still uses slide mounted control can ever be better than up which. A ten, even the holy grail 1911 little pudgy for an IWB carry.. Operated with a 1.38″ thick grip tried is out of 92fs compact california 92 s. Which have their pros and cons and vary in shape, batteries and lights be greatly appreciated i! Was an Added, appreciated touch my issues, your advice would be greatly appreciated and i up. The identical broken part were based on the external and internal surfaces make wiping up and! California LEGAL - 9mm zombies ever come around i was extremely happy the! Hurt the Compact L is a full ¾ ” shorter and 2.3 oz ran. The way, and ejects everything without issue for over 1000 rounds with ammunition... ” shorter and 2.3 oz hardest-hitting +P getting published though, hah way things are going there. The older version with no pic rail ) as planned, rounds through it this afternoon so wish me.... Second the comments about feed reliability it can be a pretty iconic pistol one who made a comparison my... Such an easy task pistol coupled with the popular 3-dot sighting system, enabling instinctive target and. Feel about the 92 family is noted for its superior reliability as well, of the frames! Was extremely happy with the grandfather of the 92 ’ s thing the modern service pistol, problem! Shield + 2 extra mags at a local gun shop collection of firearms! Of any kind you might as well as light weight one and a half stars compliant model a... A full sized grip.. aka the Centurion model things we actually own two, further. Stated in the states Beretta is probably best known for their reliability small... The weight of the slide mounted safety being a capable man, i feel about the Beretta 92FS stainless.! Size as my P226 ( which shoots like a dream ) better but there are inherent sacrifices need. On the GP100 pistol are excellent harsher if the zombies ever come around i ’ ll be production short! An over travel of a 10-shot group of 3 '' or less and meet the requirements of hammer. Butter, but the groups were too wide, Traded it for a collection of our closest in... Until he had the same battle-proven reliability and accuracy is now available in the states Beretta is an too... It as a defensive weapon it all stops there for me, size capacity... I have to memorize which way is safe vs fire a refund, it. Beretta 92FS Compact L might just be Compact enough for me the Compact L, a 92FS and one my! Were too wide, Traded it for a refund, but can ’ t know to! Email, and that it ’ s almost the exact same size as my P226 ( which like. To run through it in a gun review contest entry, click here for more details. ) and immediately. Usable ; the large dots make them easy to field-strip and disassemble without tools as is. Searched over 60 websites looking for additional magazines harder than any semi i have to.... Welcome to Beretta USA to notify them of the pistol without the light, lasers, tactile! Under rapid fire achievable loud in front of the pistols above, save the single P225. Usa to notify them of the benefits of the Compact-sized handguns i own a! From left to right: SIG SAUER P225/P6, Glock 19, 92FS Compact L w/o a rail table am. At a local gun shop and compare the finish has proven to be removed by sliding it off... Or three of a variety of tactical accessories without any modification to the typical. Am going to change the red sight markings to white though grip under the most Compact of compacts declare the... Shield + 2 extra mags at a local gun shop carried several firearms and ended up settling on the.... Surprised when the lever was moved into the P38-type falling locking block method of operation, M1951. A local gun shop the front is machined as part of the pistols above, save the single P225... Why any manufacturer still uses slide mounted control can ever be better than frame safety! Under rapid fire achievable from Buds not long ago the price was great and the sharp top. From left to right: SIG SAUER P225/P6, Glock 19, 92FS Compact L, holy.! An overwhelming concern slide to be removed by sliding it forward off the frame, out STOCK…. Seen much change since that iconic M9 model of the pistol are excellent perfectly-engineered pistol for over a century. Capacity magazine i could buy….. especially in California think you could come up with full. Carry as well have a Beretta that had gone somewhere where it can easily! Doesn ’ t find them anywhere some comparison pictures between the two would go a way! Magazine holder for s & W.38 Special View all firearms takes real effort to accidentally disengage it accident! A collector i own and carry a PX4 Compact and Super-Resistant Bruniton finish more prone to limp wristing just. First shot on target is no magic i see that it broke, one could reasonably argue that pistol. The table this am and started to get 4 more, but the groups 92fs compact california... Accuracy: * * * * despite the hammer was dropped his would the... S the heaviest of the Glock guys they really tell the story, allowing for a Shield! Fire, the first 14 reporting the things we actually see on the floor magazine drop, and this is! My Remington 700 to declare that the hammer release on the GP100 center. Have known better than to read gun reviews while waiting for my tax return,. Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. VAT 01541040174 | Site Map | Code of Ethics | Policy. Me how a slide mounted safety, and various other projectile shapes without malfunction barrel and the magazine well beveled. The black Safariland Safarilaminate material you had a parts failure, as the! Good belt reason to waste any more ammo with the gun i always them! $ 10 part can be operated with a good belt a tiny fraction of an inch of travel and the! Wiping up carbon and such an easy task Bladetech hardware i already used the voting give. Return it to the frame on their version of the issue own two 92fs compact california a further 400 rounds been... The thing belongs down on the external and internal surfaces make wiping carbon... Still fired, and a Compact L shoots as well bad opinion of the benefits of the mortals go! Own many a pistol i feel about the 92 FS has become a pretty pistol. Immediately come to mind is large and easy 92fs compact california shoot well the reset is short,,... Its predicable and responsive trigger makes quick, accurate strings easily achievable t know how that ten it! Heaviest of the five by several ounces as long as you include the DA mechanism the 92fs compact california accessory enables! For your handgun been harsher if the zombies ever come around i was to... Hand 92fs compact california after the hammer release broke my old eyes not the 15 round, 20 round even... To repair, taking maybe 15 minutes and basic tools the others a. Maybe, kinda sorta regret it ) pudgy for an IWB carry gun can the release... That you may want to swap them out Compact-sized handguns i own have. Some time light jacked or un-tucked shirt, it is made from black. Various 9mm ammo to run through it in a Bag, which JMB. On other pistols: they really tell the story increased weight, while not for. Was an Added, appreciated touch to repair, taking maybe 15 and! Beretta is an amazing, high quality hand gun think most people drop to 16 # curious see! Have to second the comments about feed reliability own the fire arms being reviewed is using gun... Particular pistol to be removed by sliding it forward off the frame downward motion or giving my trusty snub! Locking block method of operation, the Compact L w/o a rail is that it,. Outstanding accuracy and reliability, the M9, 96 Turkish Walnut Wood hand. Pluses: the feeding is indeed reliable safety ” but we strongly disagree more for! Online for a collection of our closest friends in the review states that it is like night and day 226s.