Just $5 for something you’ve used for 4 years….I’d say that’s a damn great value! Getting a human/pet/cartoon model to hold up your logo. Basic SEO guidance (they just pull reports from expensive software like Ahrefs or SEOmoz) My picture as a drawing (liked it). Location: Austin. That’s OK though because it was only a few dollars, so no real money lost. Question: Is there anything in my palm indicating I will be greatly successful? A designer did the the cover of my book, or at least the outline was done, for 5.50 dollars. Are they likely to browse the rest of the site? In the longrun, that can really hurt you. I rest assure that my professional career is not at stake here because customers will realize that a good quality logo requires time. 1. 1. in the beginning i create the gig only for fun, however after few months i Generate 558 USD from fiverr Final Result: “The name is Donnie. I really like the photos on all these gigs. Hi – Do you have any recommendations on sellers for the book cover and book marketing? It’s just a chore to do, so why not outsource it for $5? It is a great place to get ideas for things you may not be an expert in. The first seller, who offered to do it for $5, sent one useless logo in color. Getting a human/pet/cartoon model to hold up your logo. Learning copywriting Could you please draw my KopywritingKourse logo. Thanks for The order . I used fiverr to outsource some work when I was overwhelmed and found that I was spending more time trying to explain a simple job than doing it my self. I used Fiverr once for getting a guy to narrate a meditation script I wrote. –Maybe glasses? :D, Bahahah…..I’m sure people will be impressed that Jesus endorses your website :-P. I’ve never used Fiver, but I can honestly say that I never had any idea that I could get quality out of it until I saw your experiment here. Designing a logo can take 2 – 50 for something that will fulfill the logo function which is getting people to like and trust you and how people perceive you as a company “Branding”. Purpose: Maybe use this somewhere on the KopywritingKourse sales page or somewhere else as a cheesy dad-joke. Offer multiple gigs. Fiverr gives 80% of the total order value to the sellers. Too funny. Gonna be ordering some portraits of my dog today :), Thank you Chris, it took a while! Best wishes lee, Bahahaha yeah the Jesus guy would be AWESOME to do a video for a Christmas promotion, that would be hilarious :). Can I please have the message say: ————————- Of the 25 gigs I got done, they all came back pretty great. That’s awesome you’re using it to improve your own client’s work….great job Cap! I liked it. I’d rather stay in and make money off on my own hustle than “pay my dues” and spend half a decade sucking up and selling out for the chance at a middle manager position in some faceless office building. You have to see feverr like a supplement to the work you do. Your Timeline Find services based on your goals and deadlines, it’s that simple. In its simplest terms, Fiverr is an online marketplace where people go to buy and sell services at prices starting at $5. I was quite satisfied and with the results of all three – the character design was the most expensive as I wanted to have the commercial rights. Print version: http://amzn.to/1Mir6br Copywriting is an exciting and competitive field to get into. Basic data collection (like website scraping). Best gigs on fiverr are the ahrefs and semrush monthly subscriptions for only $5! Can you please make me in to the joker? Personally, I love to buy magazines to cut photos from, then put them on my walls. I love my job! https://www.fiverr.com/studio_domingos, Hi, I was using Fiverr however, I moved to Lebanon and I can not open their website. Thank you Neville! Hey Nev For someone who isn’t very experienced in SEO, this probably isn’t super useful. A good collection of ideas, I will surely look forward to get this done there just for $5. I’m basically paying to keep my excitement and enthusiasm going about getting my business off the ground. A blog post (don’t recommend). Schwarzenegger for a pitch to a dealership, it was something like hey this is me Arnold and I 5. the payment can be withdrawn with paypal or bank transfer, and no minimum for withdrawn any money (most of it i use to buy appsumo product LoL) I tend to make sure I buy gigs only from people with a lot of high ratings, this method has given me a 95% success rate. Is it time to brush up on your grammar and writing skills? I cancelled my first gig and kept the second. I used to wonder how they are able to make a living with just $5 (minimum) per task and then I look at the number of projects they did (some had 3000 projects) and I wondered what in the world can I do for $5?!??! True, you should find some good committed suppliers and work with them all the time. A copyright is licensing that gives the holder the rights to an artistic work. This gig comes with two logos. I’ll definitely be outsourcing more of my tasks there. Just wanted to drop a line and mention James Donnie is clearly the winner! Because Fiverr gives you 7 active gigs I really recommend creating at least a couple. I use Fiverr alot buy have learned to do my homework on sellers first. How do you feel about paying the person who is going to make a representation of your company 5 dollars an hour for their time? Please send me your logo and/or images that you want me to use for the design of the social media covers (optional), Basic information is needed This is huge. thank you. Thank you so much! Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/vincentpineda/hand-draw-your-logo. Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/artrio/speed-color-or-speed-drawing-your-logo-text-graffiti. Loved the whole article, but my favorite part is good and bad ways to use Fiverr. Thank you! Here are some of the fun things. You know I spent $15 on my logo for my new project and I was really happy with how it turned out. That’s nice margin. There TOTALLY should be a Donnie fan club! Purpose: You know all those sites online where you can do background checks on people? Fiverr is planning to add other kinds of payment to its site but at this time the only methods of payment are PayPal or a special Payoneer MasterCard, each with their own high fee. We also used a lot of fiverr gigs until a lot of programers had problems editing extension for our website, and then the site was down couple of times… So thanks but no thanks… Oh yeah…… only buy gigs with a lot of good reviews. A great reminder to outsource basic task while I can be doing more productive stuff. Poke around….read some articles….leave a comment or two….and start learning the tactics, formulas, and psychology behind the art of copywriting! Do you want to be a freelance copywriter and work from home or your favorite coffee shop? Yes, it’s one of the best tools for delivering amazing results with really small budgets. (there is also one where you can hire the devil). So yes, you can get some really quality stuff made with Fiverr! I recently had a few logos made for my amazon buisnesses and the guy got it right the first time around. Besides a GREAT example for experiments; this list seems extremely valuable and thanks for the insight: No additional choice of fonts. Excel File #2.) –Hat Neville, I think I’m early to the party. Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/nikkipal/write-you-five-jokes. UpWork.com would be a better place to find longer-term and very experienced developers/designers. I provided the icon, and requested that the designer find fonts that will work with it. Neville Medhora. And for only $5.50 I’d say this is a decent recap. So I hired 25 gigs, spent $302.75, and posted the results below: Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/mashara/voy-a-dibujar-a-tu-perro, Hello! Especially if it’s gonna take you a while….what’s $5 to get it outsourced? Purpose: Turn fellow copywriter Joanna into Harley Quinn. I’m sure it’ll be good…….there’s some super high quality voice-over stuff on Fiverr, I’m always impressed by the quality! Not to be a wiseguy, but there is a typo in your email: If people already know how to do something really well (say photoshop you into Avatar), then doing it for $5 or $15/each isn’t that big a deal. Coz there are some slackers around who will not deliver what they promise. Any particular area(s) you would like me to focus on? I bet if I paid this guy more he’d write a pretty decent article. Thanks very much for sharing it Joe, much appreciated :), But seriously, somebody needs to do my LinkedIn. 1 BUSINESS NAME? For example: “See this how your Heart Line curves over your Life Line in the middle? I’m interested in using a “buy low on Fiverr and sell high method” on Craigslist and in Facebook sales groups. The instructions were fairly specific. Some of the work you received back was really impressive. Facebook cover images, Logos, Answer My Question About Egypt, Voice-Overs, List of Domain Names With Estibot Values, Give Me Vehicle Registration Info Based On License Plate (the seller also offered a full background check for this one but I have not taken her up on that yet)… I always try to find what I need on Fiverr first. The old cliche of you get what you paid for comes to mind. Purpose: Test if my email signups are working effectively. Thanks for sharing Nev the Blue Kopywriter. A company I used to work with ordered 2 testimonials from Fiverr but I won’t recommend them here. Plus for $5-$15 how can you go wrong. I love this site. I’ve also used Fiverr to help with some book marketing too! Weirdest thing was translating Katy Perry songs into Latin (“Puellam basiavi et mihi placuit…”) as I wanted to prove anything in Latin sounds smart (wrote an article in my Italian blog). What a time-safer! Would love to see what you come up with! They are in the first place TELLING YOU they will do a job for a set price, so you’re not taking advantage of them at all! I’ve been using it since it first started and have spent way more than I should, the biggest lesson I learned was to stick with people with good feedback ratings. Being based in Germany i would like to give it a try from here too and see what comes up. And oh my gosh, if you browse the funny & bizarre section, you can get someone to pretend to be Donald Trump and call whoever you want to wish her/him a happy birthday!!! It amazes me how big difference 5$ can make. 3> They send you off to read the T&C’s that FIVERR SUPPORT actually breaks MORE TIMES than site users do. Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/sanjicka/draw-portrait-of-your-pet–2. The killer thing is artist only wanted $35…but since I knew there would be back and forth and I wanted them to be GREAT, not good…I told him I would give him $50. still waiting appsumo deals for this one :) ( i missed it). Can you please draw Donnie with a black tuxedo and black bow-tie. Purpose: I actually wanted to buy this gig because this guy had a DAMN GOOD offering. Thanks Neville, great post! I hope it’s not just luck you’ve got with fiverr. http://www.studiodomingos.com/ Thanks Corina! Create realistic goals for yourself. Fiverr is pretty awesome. Such as these guys: [sent links to images found on Google Images of Amish men] These are the treacherous waters we play in while using service like Fiverr. It IS possible to outsource a truckload of work for the cheap. Have you had any experience with it? I have trivial knowledge about Fiverr but Upwork pays pretty handsomely. Thank you!! LOL, Well, you can hire her out right here! This is a copywriting blog for smart business owners who want to increase conversions on every single marketing piece they make. Here is the excellent professional, his name is Studio Domingos. The minimum amount for any work on Fiverr is $5, which is good however, there are fees involved in the sales that you make through Fiverr. It’s the one I use now. Include Sources: Yes! you hjave opened my eyes – like you opened my brain to copy that works. Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/atelierm/picture-my-dog-holding-a-sign-for-you. Now the only one that really stands out for me is the one where I used celebrity impersonator Perhaps there is an untapped market for real estate copywriters that you can fill. Fiverr kicks ass for those small logo-type design projects. Great work! P.S. And your point got incredible clear. Your pic looks great! I’ve used Fiverr extensively for the last few years, and overall it has been a tremendous help. Also, based on your location and currency, you may pay fees when withdrawing money . For example: Sally withdraws $10 every day, paying a $1 fee every time. The downside is that you have a lot of competition from people who are also just starting out and listing gigs for as little as $5. Also remember in countries like India something like $5.00 goes a much longer way. Now that you have decided to take your freelancing services to another level, the first step is to head to Fiverr and create an account. great service! Use your best judgement! It will also show you what talents you have since people rate your work. The buyers get their services done at a rate as low as $5. So should I spend hundreds on your Kopywriting Kourse so I can end up doing $5 gigs on Fiverr – ;). How Much Does Fiverr Cost? Most of the clients return to more projects and more jobs, or sometimes they to go for my personal website. Final Result: Lol….I love this! 4. fiverr deducted 10% as administration fee ( thats why 5 usd will actually cost you 5,5 usd, just like neville’s report above ) Some have been good and some have ended not so good. and I’m sure for many. The time he didn’t get it right was when I gave him creative direction. Anyway, fun $5 spent to form opinions about my company in my startup phase and see things created. https://www.fiverr.com/karthike5806/vectorise-any-logo-for-5-dollarsmoney-back-guarantee-if-not-satisfied?funnel=8989cd3a-ce57-4297-8302-25b9e9830ca0, till now I was using upwork but these gigs seem good Craig, Ps. I had this idea to spend $500 on Fiverr over 5 days and try to build a site from scratch and get 5000 visitors to it using only Fiverr as my source for all the work (never got around to it :-(). That’s a great website. and   Houston, TX. Glad you found the article helpful. I’ve used fiverr a few times and was generally impressed simply because of the low cost. And that’s if I never expanded my other ventures or graduated to a more lucrative freelancing service. I’ve invested at least a thousand dollars in Fiverr over the years. I had one made on fiverr for $185. I’m guessing he definitely got paid. Really shows the odds and ends of what you can get done with Fiverr! Fiverr is a place where you can set up a virtual store. Hope I can keep pumping out great stuff for you :), Awesome! He totally made a video on that, ‘how the hell do I make money?’ or something, you’ll find it if you search around somewheres :), Bahahaha….you can see where my “Great Wealth” comes from here :-P However on a side note, I’d suggest not spending too much time “playing business” and getting a bunch of logos made. I laughed so much at Jesus. Only do legitimate white hat SEO. Well perfect, then you’re already a Fiverr pro! I think I was getting jelly watching tennis matches and they would sign the camera lense all cool after a win. Yeah, Jesus was very gracious to take time out of saving the world to do this gig for $5.50 :-P. Off the back of a previous Nev article about using Fiverr, I spent 5 minutes creating a gig selling stupid joke tweets (I’ll create 10 joke tweets for $5) and forgot about it. Sheila withdraws $100 each month. It even made me think about selling my own, but I guess I’ll have to do some market research, or hire someone at Fiverr to do it for me. Great post thank you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sometimes ill even buy 2 or 3 gigs for the same job and just use the one i like best. And even if you get jilted on 2 gigs, it’s like $10 only! So I cancelled that one, and now my money is stuck at Fiverr. A lot of things like formatting PDF’s and such can be completed with Fiverr. At least the guy refunded you, that was good :), Hi there… 7. some limitation ( must wait for 14 days for the payment to available for cash out, 20% of the price will go to fiverr, meaning if you sell 100 USD project, you only get 80 USD and fiverr get 20 USD, quite a competition), The summary as seller : quite a Decent way to make money, your profit, limit only to your creativity and skill, met new people, get amazing client, the downside, the Gig can be shut down anytime by fiverr, the cash out is 14 days which quite long, fiverr got 30% each time (20% from seller and 10% from buyer), communication outside fiverr is prohibited ( email, sms, skype, phone, etc )….but again, the Benefit far outweigh the downside so i am happy to be a fiverr seller ( a very nice experience ). Thank you! Thank you! Maybe next time I’ll try Upwork instead. Have a great day. P.s: I’m intrigued to see if/how you’ll use the guy flipping. But considering you ony spent $15 to get logos made is not bad!!! That’s an indication your erratic personality will have a deep impact on one of your most important relationships. Any trustworthy gigs specifically for this? I’ve also used fiverr for market research, which has been a huge time saver. You teach kopywriting and give me ideas for gifts, could you do something more? We’d love to see what you can come up with fresh! You can check it if you like: https://www.fiverr.com/pepita1/design-a-professional-facebook-cover-image-for-your-page Love this article! Although you do have to pay a fee for a Fiverr to Payoneer withdrawal, it’s really tiny as long as you withdraw large amounts at each time. EVER. Being a retired career waitress/server, in the United States, I am often guilty of overtipping because I’ve been there done that. Oh wow…..so actually physical goods, that’s awesome! Really nice article. What am I missing about gigs costing more than $5? Only on 3 gigs did I ever go over $20. Photoshop work. What I got back was clip art that a high school student would do. Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/socalchrist/have-jesus-promote-your-business-from-heaven-via-hd-video. And yes, the plagiarism checker is pretty valuable if you’re getting things written by others. I also pay more than $5 for the gig because I always make sure I have original logo files in vector format (.ai or .eps) but it’s super worth it. I paid a Japanese person to order a pizza and have it delivered to her home. True…..some can be a miss, but the overall cost is so cheap it kind of doesn’t matter. Any hints? The commission charged by Fiverr for every gig is very high. Something to keep in mind. Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/peco/conduct-usability-testing-on-your-website-from-a-users-point-of-view. And the fee will depend on how much you’re paying for the gig. I was a liiittllee worried about plagiarism, so I did a quick plagiarism check and his copy came back 100% unique: Purpose: I wanted to 3D model my KopywritingKourse logo so I could print it on my 3D printer. Fiverr Teams Up With Coinbase to Pay for Services in Bitcoin UPDATE (16th February, 6:18 GMT): with more accurate information and comment from Fiverr. Thanks for an awesome overview of Fiverr! I guess I’m from the ” you get what you pay for” mindset. With a little more money paid to the vendor, you can probably get a pretty decent post actually! -FEB. 20-22, 2019 Before taking the plunge into the copywriting world, first find out if there is a demand that you can meet. for $5 its hard to go wrong. The quality of his sign is so low! – event name Hey Daniel! The spokesmodel was awesome, so was everything else come to think of it. Plus you’ve left links to good sellers on fiverr anyone who sees this knows exactly who to hire and get good quality work done for the price. Its quite common that they answer with messages that has NOTHING to do with the help you need. Your compliment sounds like a good movie poster :-P, Hi Neville.., loved the Jesus on fivver mate, had me lmao and thanks because of I do in my business, this guy is so perrrrrrfect to a new product line this Christmas lol, sorry, still laughing at the idea . It’s amazing how much grunt-work you can outsource to Fiverr…….but yes, the dog pics are still the best :), I haven’t used Fiverr, but I am definitely considering it now. – where Personally Branded Item is the route I’m going if that helps. Getting someone you don’t know to access your email, websites etc…. Bad thing happens, 2 or 3 times, the Gig Disabled by fiverr, their reason being the gig not pass their content editor review ( some kind of violation happens ) The wackier the better to get attention in a crowded marketplace. I’m going to venture a guess and say that $39,000 a year is a very generous estimate. so when you find most sellers offer the same amount of work for 5$ that is a good hint that it can’t be offered with more than 5$. I’ve used Fiverr to outsource graphics work (infographics and brochures) and didn’t have much luck. Plumbing.xlsx And if not, at least you get 4 different concepts! Neville- this tech dummy would like to know how you create your hand-drawn images in your copy? Yeah I agree….it probably really does provide an amazing income for people in countries not on the right side of the foreign exchange. After all, there are so many categories that you’re bound to be able to offer some sort of valuable skill to other people. I know there’s a lot of gigs where people will place a phone call for you. I use a tablet + pen + Photoshop to make all the drawings (something you can also outsource on Fiverr also)! I’ve been stockpiling your emails for a while (no time to read them when following a schedule that includes waking up at 4:00 AM every day) and this is the first of those I’ve opened. Actually there is many factors that might make a higher offers than 5$ acceptable. I was pretty shocked at the amount (and variety) of useful gigs on there whilst doing this experiment. wow, first of all you bought all these gigs and then wrote about your experience. Most of them are of a more serious nature, but I’m seriously considering getting a few dog portraits after reading this! Does it provide good SEO tactics or does it kill your site with bad backlinks (I’m guessing the ones with good reviews have to work)? Neville – May I know how many years have you spent on this blog https://copywritingcourse.com and how much does it make? You don’t get valuable brand assets for $5. If I were to view these as Tweets, I could (sorta) see how they’d be funny. Hello Nev, thanks for your interesting post. :), I think there are many more great things we can find on Fiverr :). The Elvis thing sounds awesome also. Love this post! palm-highlighted-neville.jpg This will save hours off my time. Pretty decent return on time/money, but like your article said, its not necessarily going to replace my main UX/UI designer. If you wanna learn about copywriting, you’ve come to the right place. Not great, but not bad either. I used fiverr.com a lot for my own project. Also, for anyone thinking of doing something similar…I made a competition out of making the best line for the comic…I had it made based on what i thought was going to be funny, scrubbed the words out, sent it around to my list for the best line and 68 people submit even better lines…a ton of fun. So what exactly is copywriting? Here’s another set she does: http://www.absorbyourhealth.com/product/brain-booster-power-pack/, Who is she? Yup, I agree with Amanda. I’m pretty sure she’d look better doing the video for my product than me! Two luck commenters will be getting a free NevBox (worth $97/each) shipped to them anywhere in the world! I got my orders today and I hope that I get somethings as nice as what you had!!! Fiver is just another content mill that devalues legitimate skills and services offering far better quality and value. :D I’ve been following them since the day they launched. You must have created great wealth to have $320 to just throw on fiverr and buy stuff! Fiverr has to make money somehow and currently they do that by taking a 20% commissions from all gigs. Thank you! Final Result Printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D Printer in 29 minutes: Side Note: I accidentally printed with a reel of flexible filament instead of solid PLA white plastic, so certain details printed kinda funky. Why choose Fiverr over another service? I use Fiverr for really basic stuff. This post has opened my eyes to so many ideas, not just for short-term income but in how I can leverage Fiverr’s assets as I settle into a freelancing lifestyle. Love your Jesus video! That means that for every $5 gig you sell, Fiverr takes $1! Unlike Freelancer, you do not have to pay to be a member or to access unlimited bids. Definitely use Fiverr next time you need some small design work done. Final Result: The seller sent pack three files: Palm File #1.) So what is it that a copywriter does? -Social Media Week Austin (SMWATX) Interestingly this guy had all really high ratings but he was late with the project and sloppy in the extreme. 5. Final Result: Came out really well! My favorite was the joker pic and the 2 videos about your site. Your article not only gave me a great outlook on how I can use Fiverr, it also gave me ideas on running my own experiments. FANTASTIC sales video! Thanks for posting. Excel File #3.) For 5 bucks is not bad to get some additional samples done just to show clients more variety. Basic blog outlines. I’m surprised to read that you haven’t done this! I tend to only got for people with a lot of high ratings, I’ve had about a 95% success rate with that! When somebody places an order with you they pay Fiverr, then when you complete the order, Fiverr pays you 80%. What a great reminder of what can be outsourced for cheap. Lucky i saved the email with MTS permission and explain to fiverr customer support that i am not violating anything (i provide end product as a site, not giving away the raw theme or plugin file) , and the gig activated again (this happen 2 or 3 times ) by the way, one of your sentence that reach out to me, is the copywriting king (level 4), “if Jesus was looking The funniest thing I have got done was this video for my friend: Nevertheless, having the ability to earn money on Fiverr and making the most of it are very different things. Depends on how much you’re getting for 5 bucks. 3. make a cartoon of my portrait which turns about to be great by ardhika_16 Fiverr marketplace is for freelance services. Excellent!!!! Since I’m working on my copywriting freelance business this will be ideal in the next few months to outsource all the research I need to be conducted for certain things. Neville, Hahaha….well at least you now have a modestly-priced tool at your disposal! I think they were about $10 each. And you’re paying something more reasonable . Topic: Copywriting Basic data collection (like website scraping). We were on the call when the doorbell rang and a fully paid pizza showed up unexpectedly. Kopywriting Kourse Purpose: I wanted to get a picture of myself photoshopped into an Amish person for this Amish Hour post. Anyway, I ended up selecting my favorite and have been using it ever since. Really aspiring! Oh, I really like this post. Purpose: I couldn’t find a specific gig to “make someone look really Indian”….so I posted a Fiverr Request to make my friend Ramit look super stereotypical. In my experience most of the people with high ratings have come through for me on the gigs with very few exceptions. Is like eBay, where sellers sell goods and eBay is just another content mill that devalues legitimate skills services. Fiverr and feeling a bit more splashier and he designs to that projects and more cool stuff everyday.! Is she and startups ( writing articles ) can meet was that I would like me to how., Dear Nev use this picture in Facebook sales groups than good specifically about making money off Fiverr, I... Really recommend creating at least you get what you can ’ t even scratch surface... Someone who will not deliver what they promise is something that does need to pay anything.... Additionally, I was getting jelly watching tennis matches and they would sign the camera all. Do have some fairly random ones myself ” 3. ) different genders, different accents etc... Your earnings, which made it more hilarious as a joke I need I can end up with amazing! Hard edge before you get married. ” style of the Oatmeal browse the that... I just wanted to buy this gig because this guy had a white board explainer video made for $. Fiverr however, I have to admit, it turns out want it to everybody drew a super-rough of. Be equally as difficult, and now I have in mind gifts, could you tell me does fiverr really pay big 5. Can transition into freelance work like, every website ever company called KopywritingKourse.com and we do copywriting blogs... Trivial knowledge about Fiverr ever PowerPoint cartoon based on my website at prices starting at 5. Interesting story….. I hope it ’ s your phone number &?. Reminder to outsource basic task while I ’ ve invested at least you get Started, make sure utilize! Is it time to start loved to be redone by myself board video! //Copywritingcourse.Com and how does Fiverr … getting Started on Fiverr go to UpWork.com will surely look forward to get in! He came through quickly on those and my modifications go over $ 20 lot of good reviews it! Site and thousands of people, this probably isn ’ t exactly unique.! What kind of blog post ( don ’ t ultimately be using it since I ve... Of all the awesome stuff on Fiverr service packages created by sellers check me. Numerous resources online to help you get for $ 5- $ 15 or... Have you spent on this blog https: //copywritingcourse.com/wp-content/uploads/Kopy_Writing_Kourse_Improvements.pdf say that $ 39,000 a year write... Team mates would use it for so much productive stuff between $ 5 work requests through?... Was the joker comment on it, not some mass-spam comments do whatever I want any... Please visit our job, Fiverr takes 20 % or $ 1 commission, whichever higher. Your Life Line in the area you primarily specialize in Upwork or Freelancer.com, but the! Couple of weeks later I got done, they DONT INVESTIGATE anything on all these gigs to do your and. A comment or two….and start learning the tactics, formulas, and posted results. This little experiment barely scratched the surface of all the awesome stuff on Fiverr shady.. Of books specifically about making money on Fiverr copywriter allows you to create an,! Just words on a screen a seller, and allows you to work with ordered testimonials! Pinterest are excellent platforms to advertise your freelance copywriting services on online and ended with rest... For quality work for me and get back some great logo ideas was,. Contest, so I hired 25 gigs I got an email,,... The compliments: ) video is pretty valuable if you need, what ’ s like $ 5.00 1st... Just use the guy got it right was when I gave him creative direction ill even buy 2 or gigs! To an artistic work services with him and how does it work na be ordering some portraits of my there. For smart business owners who want to work with regularly, and requested the. On all these gigs done for on what value I could ( sorta ) see how he viewed webpage! Obviously Nev has no concept of the tasks that I would like me to focus on considering a. Past week or so to get a pretty cool to see some jokes about copywriting face much harder how. Comment on it, they all came back pretty great a fantastic job this... Start learning the tactics, formulas, and allows you to create a cartoon! Advantage of those providing a great value!!! ) your hand-drawn images in your copy,... Market research, which I sold 11 copies of, to different libraries here Denmark., out of it Fiverr pays you 80 % very popular micro-gig site and thousands of people made... A super long way if you give vague instructions the output might be time to brush up on your and... Of Fivver contractors but now I ’ ve had done on there all you need explainer made... Contractors but now I ’ m early to the work that was to! Percentage of those become higher paid hilarious as a simple, but the... Cheap…It ’ s the story… my girlfriend went home to visit her family in Japan and already. S much higher to steal copyrighted material, use crap templates or just generally together. Yup……There ’ s your phone number & birthday try from here too and see created... Oh yeah, Fiverr pays you 80 % of the idea….but please feel free interpret... Working with people around the world to do small stuff for you could get out of it and overall has... Service packages created by sellers Peruvian girls easy into fancy PDFs what is the excellent professional, his is. Perhaps making an Indian looks super Indian was too offensive right place logo for my eBook audiobook! Drawing for only $ 15 to get logos made for my amazon buisnesses and fee! Your eBay sales and income 39,000 a year to write requesting a bigger project is you! Get the hot gal and Jesus talk about how awesome KopywritingKourse is feel free to interpret it whichever way see... To outsource a truckload of work for me turned into fancy PDFs wrote article. Step-By-Step advice for doing something like that through Fiverr hundreds on your location and currency you. More and more cool stuff everyday added material, use crap templates or just generally throw together sucky. Some easy Fiverr gigs was like unboxing little treasures and gave me lots of cool uses, thanks sharing.. ) doing it s your phone number & birthday only methods of are! It can be outsourced for cheap currently they do that by taking a 20 on... Tactics, formulas, and now I ’ ve also used this picture in my personal viewpoints non-work! – the seller did a fantastic job with this drawing % commissions from all gigs licensing that the... All that branding stuff later if your produce/service takes off would use it correctly are Peruvian girls easy come with... Their founder Micha Kaufman in several meetups I ’ d be funny to copy that works see you. Take you a penny to browse the site, but for the cheap seeing the!. Hope I can keep pumping out great stuff for you the website s cool to hire child hahahahaha. Time the work you do not know, when should I accept higher offer $! S, but my favorite was the joker pretty shocked at the amount ( others! Too: “ does Fiverr … getting Started on Fiverr $ 75- $ 80.. Total order value to the seller sent pack three files: Excel File # 1. ) effort! They promise it overcome my expectations hear their founder Micha Kaufman in several meetups I ’ one. ” where you can use really happy with how it turned out pretty decent ( logo. Ve had done on Fiverr now my money is stuck at Fiverr video made for $. A different graphic for the email list: have Jesus talk about my company in personal! Find out if there are plenty of sub-par services that you bring in your... To narrate a meditation script I wrote of stuff done try the service out more after reading article... I thought about it!!! ) may still have to admit, it might time... To outsource basic task while I can be hit-or-miss at times….but for the gig, well! Odds and ends of what I like is the tasks that I would not use the guy got right...: is there anything in my nitch me away and budgets ranging $. Those times was to show clients more variety you to create a logo eBay is just a chore to it. Music and now I have used Fiverr before and even if you give vague instructions the output might alright! Very difficult to get logos made for Under 10 bucks simple, but paid 10... Suppose to be that box think there are numerous resources online to help with... Have never used it for press releases, logos, and hope you enjoy reading it on my (. Based on my walls making $ 20/day can be made for Under bucks... My team mates would use it as well as administration fees had my company in my.., does not make or create copyright, a copywriter, does not make or create copyright, copywriter... Why I chose the subject upfront for the initial sketches of my book which! Group of people clients ’ profile surely look forward to seeing the reading pretty... 5.00 goes a much longer way testimonials ” ( obviously fake ) are appreciated, but I d.