To be able to effectively buy audio inventory in non-addressable environments, buyers need to ensure they are not setting KPIs or selecting settings in their DSPs that can only work in addressable environments. a Purpose, the corresponding bit for that Purpose is set to Application logic must only request one version of the GCL during the cache period specified in the cache-control header. Legitimate Interest for that Purpose then the vendor should not The TC string has an older tcf_policy_version than the newest GVL. Prescribed use of the TCF may support compliance with the GDPR, but the real benefit to the digital advertising ecosystem is a safer Internet for consumers, and more reliable data for brands and publishers. 6.1. Vendor ID is included then the value is 0. The GDPR requires, amongst others, a legal basis for such processing. as restricted under the Purpose ID in this PubRestrictionsEntry. assumed to have “No Consent”. 3rd-party cookies are being blocked or erased by a browser. jurisdiction the publisher is under to help vendors determine A unique ID will be assigned to each Consent Management Platform. The existence of this segment as a member of a TC String, when signaling, implies that the publisher supports OOB legal bases. For a delay caused by caching requirements, the penultimate version of the GVL may be considered the latest available version. If the publisher does not use any Custom Purposes, this field is Consent Management Platform version of the CMP that last updated Google now fully supports TCF v2.0. Resources must not be cached for a period other than max-age. From left to right, Purpose 1 maps to the 0th bit, This is the first or only Vendor ID with this restriction in this IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework technical specifications governed by the IAB Tech Lab is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. A Numeric ID which is incrementally assigned and never re-used - inactive CMPs are marked as deleted. CMP should send TCF v2.0 strings. set to 0 and the following two fields will be TCF Key Components The TCF is a combination of key resources: TCF Policy TCF Terms & Conditions Transparency and Consent String with Global Vendor List Format The Consent Management Platform API In addition: Example: