Trees are the only solution, to get rid of air pollution. “Don’t make trees rare, keep them with care.”. - Conserving trees and vegetation would help maintain the ecological balance and reduce instances of irregular seasonal changes. The best slogans are instantly recognizable. “Plant more trees, secure your future.” “One tree can make a million matches; one match can destroy a million trees.”. Trees are our best friends. Protect it.”. Trees are god gifted treasure; by cutting them we are increasing environmental pressure. “पेड़ लगाने के नारे हिंदी में” (Slogan on Tree Plantation in Hindi) 1.पृथ्वी बचाओ, पेड़ लगाओ 2.पेड़ पौधों की बढ़त, जीवन की बढ़त 52. “Afforestation can bring the land to life.”. Don’t feel alone, make trees your friends. Plant tree to take a step on making world pollution free. Save trees they are most valuable asset, because without trees our life will be on threat. “Take care of the trees, they will take care of you.”. Plant some trees to inhale oxygen fresh. 94. Invitation for tree plantation program Showing 1-7 of 7 messages. It is our duty to protect it. In this infographic I just named a few but there are so many more. Today we cut them for paper, without realizing that oxygen is more important than paper. Among others, Directors and senior BAF officers of Air Headquarters were also present in the program. “Trees are the ornaments of the earth. Protect trees for god’s sake!”. Trees give us greenery and fresh air, that’s why cutting them is not fair. 18. Cut One, Plant Two. “Add one tree to the nature. 58. They give us oxygen. Here are save trees slogans and sayings that are sure to get some attention. - Planting trees would help reduce the impact of global warming. It is time for us to come together and join hands in this noble venture, and we at Nelda are here to help you bring about this change. Oct 13, 2019 - Explore Divya's board "Save trees slogans" on Pinterest. Actions speak louder than words! A small sapling that you plant today, will give shelter, food and oxygen tomorrow. Trees are important for life, save them or cut them it’s your choice. “Plant more trees, secure your future.”. Save Trees Slogans. - We must not forget the important role that trees play in our lives and must treat them with care. A vigilance inquiry has indicted seven forest officials, including three IFS officers, for irregularities in the tree plantation programme in Hisar circle of Haryana. 66. 1,2,3,4 Plant a tree once more . Don’t turn Rainforests to Deserts. Trees are nature’s boon, without it earth will die soon. They play a major role in balancing the eco-system by providing food and habitat for birds, animals and even humans. 85. without TREE the word "sTREE - Trees are our best bet to neutralise the effects of global warming. Share them with your friends. Trees form forests and forests sustain life, control rain, temperature and natural water resources. Save Trees. Trees are god gifted treasure; by cutting them we are reducing natural pleasure. Just reach out to us at or give us a ring on this number - 9823348087. Save Trees Slogans. It is Simpler saving paper than planting trees. Still have questions? Save trees choose life, because without trees humanity will not survive. - Deforestation is a strict no no. He also planted different saplings. Aug 1, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Madhusudhan reddy. 23. Trees stop pollution like a wall, save them on every cost should be our call. google_ad_height = 250; 6. ... Cut a Tree, Cut a Tree and there’ll be no more left to see. “Save trees now, they will save you in the future.”. Plant a tree a day and keep flood and soil erosion away. - Nature has blessed us with so much and it is our duty to save and protect her in return. Again in the villages, there are many proper places that can be used for tree plantation. 16. Famous Air Pollution Slogans:-Air pollution is reducing the level of fresh oxygen in the atmosphere and spreading various respiratory diseases.The bad effect of air pollution is increasing day by day because of the release of various harmful gases from industries, factories, and vehicles. Save trees. - Trees offer not just oxygen but also timber, fruits etc., and are therefore, crucial to the economy. That’s why we're planting 50 million trees across our National Forests. Apart from protecting environment and balancing the eco-system, many trees also have medicinal and industrial uses. Always see green dreams and make them come true. Save trees, live an active lifestyle.”. - Planting one tree a day would help combat all the adverse effects of pollution. Stop being greedy and make this earth greenery. 96. 55. We can use the sides and areas that are lying unused for tree plantation. “Trees are the lungs of the earth. “Plant a tree, grow a flower – let’s give Mother Earth to give them back her power.”, 38. New content will be added above the current area of focus upon selection Planting trees does not cost you fee, even; after few years they returns you money for free. “Tree plantation is the best option.”. 86. plant a tree so that next generation can get air for free . - Trees provide us with oxygen and fresh air and planting them will ensure we have fresh air to breathe in the future. I’m rooting for you. slogan on tree plantation? 24. We, at Nelda Foundation know that the environment is everyone’s responsibility. - Trees are nature’s jewels and one of her greatest beauties; we must save them. 7 More trees means lesser air pollution. Where there is a will there is a way essay. We can’t cut them indiscriminately. “Planting trees is a noble practice.”. - We must look after trees and protect them. - Nature is a gift from the high heavens that has been bestowed on us. We must do something! Quotes By Genres. We get so much nutritious and delicious foods from trees, including fruits, nuts and more. Upper Siang DC Karma Leki, government employees, public leaders and members of community based organization participated in the programme. 95. - Saving trees today will make for a better life later in the future. More people need more food, more shelter, and more things. Increase in Green Tree … Slogans on pollution . Says Founder, Pradeep Tripathi, “Tree plantation is only one part of the process. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});